What is Africa Diaspora Network Japan(ADNJ)?

The ADNJ is a network of the African community in Japan, including those of African descent that operate different associations with an aim to strengthen Japanese and African socio-economic development ties.

It is the United Africa in Japan that brings Japanese and African together as one community through a strong and trustworthy network for the betterment of both societies.

It is membership-based platform, the nexus that aims to bring everyone together for common actions focusing on community building, entrepreneurship, business and culture.

The platform is open to individuals, companies, national and international organizations, Universities, Governmental organizations.

Executive Board Directors

These are the Board Members who determine the strategic guidelines of ADNJ’s activities and define the conditions of its implementation. The President of the Association heads the Executive Office and implements the decisions adopted by the Administration Board. It is composed by:

David Kpondehou
Ba Abou
Vice President
Narianja Ralambozatovo
Social Affairs & Education
Ismail Nait
IT & Logistics
Dante Mahamoud
General Secretary
Igeta Masami
Relationship With Institutions
Emmanuel Haruna
Project & Planning
Senoga Pius
Culture, Arts & Sports
Maeda Chiho
Social Network Activities
Bakumyna Sepkon
Jean-Baptist Sanfo
Finance & Fundraising
Abdelrahman Sorour
Communication & Media


Iwao Maruyama
Jerry Agyeman

Advisory Board Directors

Oussouby Sacko
Nsenda Lukumwena
Kenji Fukuoka
Papa Saliou Sarr
Hiroshi Mashimo
Thione Niang
Francesca Conate
Africa Diaspora Network
Japan, Hyogo-ken
+81 70 4111 6707
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