We Unite

We bring together the African diaspora and African descendants in Japan by supporting individuals and African organizations in making an impact as one strong community.

This can serve as an umbrella for a resource platform, ensuring that our members connect and collaborate to create a sense of community with shared purpose. This pillar symbolizes ADNJ as an organization.

Projects and programs to unite Africa

We initiate, support, and promote ideas, projects, and programs that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing for common goals that align with our members' diverse African backgrounds and those interested in African culture and development.

Mentorship and career development for African Students in Japan

We leverage professional and technical expertise, as well as valuable resources from African and Japanese to provide mentorship in areas of need among African students in Japan, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and critical design thinking. We also offer job hunting training and career opportunities seminars with our Japanese business partners. We disseminate available scholarship information and assist brilliant young Africans with crowd-funding to support their studies in Japan as necessary.

Social gathering and relaxation activities

We organize social activities on a regular basis to help our members bond or get together in order to build a sense of belonging and unity. Individuals can interact, exchange experiences, and form lasting relationships at these meetings. It also serves as a platform for members to share resources and engage in conversations about issues that affect our daily lives in Japan.

ADNJ Award

The ADNJ Award is a yearly recognition awarded by the African Diaspora Network Japan specifically to individuals who have made significant contributions to Africa and advanced socioeconomic development between African countries and Japan. Through their outstanding leadership, activities, and professional services, this Award aims to encourage people to make effective efforts to bring Japanese and African people together as one community in the areas of culture, trade, and business.

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